In coming paragraphs I will be discussing about the positive vibes regarding working and collaborating with your teams remotely. Gone are the days when one’s physical presence at an office/work place was important. Now, collaboration via online medium is the fastest and secure way to communicate with your team mates. Lot of companies either startup’s or even MNC’s are moving towards remote working culture. Why?

  • Save time in office commute: A person can save around 2 hrs of up and down time spent in travelling. Rather, these hours can be used to be more productive in work. Also one feels tired due to long travel, thereby decreasing the productivity of the person.

  • Save time in dressing up in formal/causal attire: An average person spends around 1 hr daily in getting ready and look best. If you work remotely it doesn’t matter what you wear. You can be comfortable in whatever stuff you like. No hard rules!.

  • Be more fit: Research says that sitting at same place for long time is bad for health. If you are at office it’s not possible to get up and roam every one hour. If you work from home, you can take short breaks and relax your muscles thereby declining your stress levels and you turn up to be more productive and healthy.
  • Eat healthy and fresh food: If you are in office you either carry your meal home cooked and have it after 4 to 5 hours or you move outside and have food from one of those road side stalls. This can cause health issues because food is not fresh and may be prone to infections. If you work remotely you can cook and eat fresh food anytime, thereby boosting your health further.
  • 24/7 work time: Working remotely, this is the best benefit i have felt. In office you have around 8 hours to complete your daily tasks and if you are not able to do you have to come next day and complete it while as if you work from home you have lot of time to complete your task.