Hello 2019

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It has been around 2 years since I have started writing this blog. With advent of year 2019 I need to make some changes in my professional and personal life. Here I will visit what all I had promised earlier.

Some older promises I have been delaying year on year:

  1. Will be consistent with blog writing here.
  2. Will invest time for self learning.
  3. Will stop comparing my life with others.
  4. Will go for long walks in evening for better health.
  5. Will follow what we have been made for.
  6. Will develop habit of reading self-help books.
  7. Will give time to self and my family

We make promises, initiatives and  plans, follow those for few days and consistency is lost with time. Habit forming is the most difficult trait humans take time to follow. I think one should follow the incremental approach, start slow and speed up with time.  Make note of what are your short term plans, divide those plans and  try to chase them slowly example I have a plan to learn “French”. I cannot reach advanced level in one day. I will cover things slowly. Each day I will need to spend time in understanding bits and bytes of language. Always introspect yourself, whether you are doing it correctly or not. Things done with keeping self in view help you go a long way.

Start slow and speed up with time.

This year was good in terms of learning new stuff and helping others. I hope to continue same with more consistency and discipline.



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