Generate reports using protractor-jasmine2-html-reporter

By Default if we generate an angular project using Angular-cli, e2e tests have support for jasmine spec reporter, but developers and QA’s need much more than that. One of the basic reporting modules that npm provides is “protractor-jasmine2-html-reporter”.  It is easy to install and configure. Steps: Run npm install protractor-jasmine2-html-reporter In your protractor config.js file add…… Continue reading Generate reports using protractor-jasmine2-html-reporter

Introduction to HTTP basics

Communication is the core of human life, without it people will not be able to exchange ideas and interact with each other. There are set of rules followed for proper communication example harmony between listener and speaker. Similar set of rules is followed in world of Internet. In coming paragraphs we will be discussing the…… Continue reading Introduction to HTTP basics

Getting started with Protractor for E2E Automated testing- Part1

What is Protractor? Protractor is the E2E testing framework built as an wrapper over selenium using webdriver js api. Protractor can be used for testing both angular and non angular apps. We can run our tests both in headless way and with real browsers also. The main benefit of writing our tests in angular is…… Continue reading Getting started with Protractor for E2E Automated testing- Part1

Super Test your Drupal Site with Codeception!

Automation is one of the buzzword in the current industry. However what if we look at a system where we not only do functional test automation for a Drupal site, but also enable developers to write unit tests and the Product Owners/ QA’s write acceptance tests all under a single hood. Why to Automate! Developers…… Continue reading Super Test your Drupal Site with Codeception!

Introduction to Docker-Part1

Almost everyone of us has  heard of Docker . Actually Docker revolution started in mid 2013 and today more than 4 million Apps use Docker. Docker has revolutionised Devops movement. Docker is  a tool/software that helps in creating containers consisting of apps and dependencies. Container is similar to what we see in real world transportation.…… Continue reading Introduction to Docker-Part1

How to set default Python version in OS X

Today I ran into the trouble as most of my scripts were failing due to version mis match. The code I had written was Python 3.x compatible but my system had by default set Python2.x as the default version. Following are the steps which i followed to fix the problem: Open ITerm. ( You can…… Continue reading How to set default Python version in OS X

What are Linked Lists (Part-1)

I have been asked this question continuously in various technical interviews but I have never been able to give the perfect answer. I will try to jot my understanding of Linked Lists here. So let us get back to Data Structures. Data Structures are the beautiful and most important topic in the world of Computer science.…… Continue reading What are Linked Lists (Part-1)