Running Protractor tests with multiple variable parameters via npm

We were facing a roadblock of running protractor tests on different environments using different configurations. We tried different methods to fix this. How we tackled this problem: We created empty parameters for each  variable paramter in protractor.conf.js params: { baseUrl: “”, url: “”, user:””, password:””, Status:””, } 2. Protractor cli has support for running commands […]

Generate reports using protractor-jasmine2-html-reporter

By Default if we generate an angular project using Angular-cli, e2e tests have support for jasmine spec reporter, but developers and QA’s need much more than that. One of the basic reporting modules that npm provides is “protractor-jasmine2-html-reporter”.  It is easy to install and configure. Steps: Run npm install protractor-jasmine2-html-reporter In your protractor config.js file add […]

Introduction to HTTP basics

Communication is the core of human life, without it people will not be able to exchange ideas and interact with each other. There are set of rules followed for proper communication example harmony between listener and speaker. Similar set of rules is followed in world of Internet. In coming paragraphs we will be discussing the […]

Introduction to Docker-Part1

Almost everyone of us has  heard of Docker . Actually Docker revolution started in mid 2013 and today more than 4 million Apps use Docker. Docker has revolutionised Devops movement. Docker is  a tool/software that helps in creating containers consisting of apps and dependencies. Container is similar to what we see in real world transportation. […]