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Setting up WebDriver Sampler for full browser tests in Jmeter

We had an important task to load test the web-app whose front-end is based on Angular-js Framework. JMeter is not a browser. As far as web-services and remote services are concerned, JMeter looks like a browser (or rather, multiple browsers); however, JMeter does not perform all the actions supported by browsers. In particular, JMeter does not execute the Javascript found in HTML pages. Nor does it render the HTML pages as a browser does (it’s possible to view the response as HTML etc., but the timings are not included in any samples, and only one sample in one thread is ever viewed at a time).

Owing to this we moved to Webdriver Sampler plugin for handling Client-side Javascript execution — eg. AJAX, JS templates.

Steps to Download and configure Webdriver Sampler:


Jmeter 1.8 and above ( with JRE 1.6.

  1. Download JMeter- Webdriver Sampler plugin from here.
  2. Extract The zipped folders lib files into the lib folder of Jmeter.
  3. Copy the ext files of extracted folder into ext files of Jmeter
  4. Now Open the Jmeter and Add Thread Group.
  5. Right Click on thread group and click on Add > Sampler. Here you should see a new set of samplers added as below:


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Is Automation Testing Really Testing!

Is Automation Testing Really Testing!

Hey there! To all the techie testers there this might be absurd for You that Automation Testing is not really Testing. Lot of testing gurus believe that Automation Testing is not real Testing rather its checking the Application.

Testing involves thorough thinking out of box while as a scripted test will do only what it has been asked to do. I am not against that, my only concern is that what should a real tester focus on?. During my career I have seen techie testers focusing more on modification of the scripts they are developing rather than trying to improve the quality of app they have to test. Also at the end of the day humans are gonna use the app rather than bots or scripts. So for real testing we need real humans that is we.

Automation is helpful for testers when he has to test same functionality again and again. Thereby he can create a regression suite and run it whenever needed. But again that script needs to be maintained whenever new code fixes are done for the app under test.

A good tester should rather think about all the permutations and combinations, try to break the app, think negative ,challenge the app so that quality of app is never compromised.

A good tester should put himself in the boots of the end user and test the app in that perspective, try to increase product knowledge by hook or by crook. At the end of the day Its Quality of the product that is built that matters. Please feel free to comment your thoughts on this.

Thanks, happy testing:)